“MerlDave Foundation is a combined names of my two kids Kuya John Merl and Baby John Dave It started with a dream and vision of having a Foundation for them in which they as kids and as they grow up remember that helping their fellow kids and human beings as well as their community is their way of life or their lifestyle. I want to instill in their mind and heart how important and fulfilled feeling it isnto help and share your blessings to others. It started last December 2014, of a thought of giving small Christmas gifts to them and sharing these ideas to my friends and they agreed and contributed in any amount. MerlDave Foundation is not yet registered in the Philipines because it need huge amount to register it (2,000,000 pesos) but I really pray and wish that one day it will be. As of now MerlDave Foundation is founded by trust by my friends and acquaintances in Doha Qatar I posted the program, shared it with my friends and as soon as the recepient received it, we took photos and tagged the Sponsors for them to know that their money or blessings given really reached the recepients. MerlDave Foundation believes that it is not how much you give but the thought and your sincerity in giving. MerlDave Foundaion also believes that you dont need to be rich forst inorder for you to help and share your blessings. Right now, on what little blessings you may have you can share it and let God multiply it. God bless you all MerlDave sponsors.”

-Lovely Supapo

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